Free legal aid is a arrangement that offers free legal services.

It is the State that pays for the attorney’s fees based on fixed rates. It is entirely free in some cases, but in others a small excess (a small amount you have to pay) may occur. In some cases you receive legal aid regardless of your income and assets, while in others is it only those with low income and assets that will reicive it. The rules are quite complicated. We work extensively with legal aid, and on this website you can ask questions and receive answer about whether you are suited to get free legal aid.

You can receive free legal aid all over Norway.

You do not have to be a Norwegian citizen or even live in Norway, as long as your case is related to Norway. Distance is not a problem, you can get assistance by phone or Skype, and our attorneys can travel all over Norway to be present in court. We also have a simple web address: advokat.no

According to regulations about free legal aid § 3-2, we as lawyers can take an individual decision on weather to grant you legal aid. So it is the lawyer who decides whether to obtain legal aid according to these rules.

Operated by Advokat.no

This site is established and operated by the law-firm advokat.no AS, which is a member of the Norwegian Bar Association. If you wish more information, click the link at the top right about free legal aid. You will find most of the regulations and further references to the regulations, which will help if this still is unclear.

There are no public lawyers in Norway. To receive legal aid, you have to contact a private law firm, such as advokat.no. All lawyers in Norway are obliged to inform about the rules of legal aid, but it is voluntary for the firm to undertake the assignment.