Why you need a lawyer in a divorce

Spouses who are separating and going through a divorce, have to divide their joint owned property. We have rules on this matter in both the Consolidation Act and the Marriage Act. The rules are complicated and sometimes overlap. One can choose between private or public division.

You need a lawyer during divorce for:

  • Who should keep the home?
  • Can You wait to divide the residence until the children move out?
  • Who will pay the housing loan hereafter?
  • How can one appraise the company one of the spouses own?
  • Can You get financial spousal support?
  • What about rent?
  • Can one claim the right to use the property?
  • What if one of the spouses has earned a good amount of pension, will the other only receive the minimum pension?

These and more, are questions that are bound to surface in almost every divorce. Divorces are complicated and You cannot divide the worth of each asset, as is commonly believed. There are complex calculation rules when one goes through assets, and calculates the unequal assets and the separate assets. Moreover, one has to subtract various liabilities and then find the amount, which is to be divided between the spouses.

For such calculations, hiring a  lawyer is essential. 

Are You going through a divorce and need legal aid? 

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