Vendor Agreement Program

ii. representations and guarantees. The seller assures and assures the buyer that (a) the product does not contain or use third-party materials: unless it has received prior permission from the buyer in writing and, in this case, the seller received, manufactured or manufactured, sold, distributed, displayed, advertised, made available, made available, modified, imported, manufactured, manufactured, imported, manufactured or manufactured, sold, sold for sale and used in such a manner; (b) without limitation of the above, the work product does not contain or use open source software or any other third-party software or component; (c) the purchaser obtains good and valuable ownership of the work proceeds and all intellectual property rights that flow from or that embody it, free and free from all privileges, security interests and other expenses of any kind; (d) in the event of delivery, the work product must not contain viruses, Trojans, worms or other malicious software or malicious code of any kind; (e) the work product is the original creation of the seller; (f) neither the work product nor the use of the work product violates, abuses or infringes other third-party rights, and the work product will not comply with all applicable laws; (g) all work products are exported in accordance with documents and specifications; (h) the work product is free of damage and defects in design, equipment and processing; (i) there is no pending action or threat against the seller with respect to intellectual property rights; (j) the vendor creates and provides with the software all documentation and specifications as well as executable files, source code, object code and other components that are necessary or desirable for the use and commercial use of the software, to support and maintain it; (k) the seller did not delegate or use obligations to subcontractors to provide any of the services or to create part of the work product without the buyer`s prior written permission; where subcontractors are used, the seller has guaranteed the obligation to transfer and transfer the rights of subcontractors that are necessary to transfer and/or grant intellectual property rights in accordance with the provisions of Sections 8(i) and 8(i) (c) of point 8(i) b) and 8(i) (c); (l) all work products must comply with and meet the buyer`s documents, specifications and requirements; and (m) the seller has the full right, the power to issue the licences and proceed with the transfers, guarantees and guarantees provided for in this agreement without the consent of a third party.