Total War Shogun 2 Trade Agreement Broken

Some diplomatic measures are one-sided, such as a declaration of war or the lifting of an alliance, while others must be agreed by both sides, such as trade agreements or alliances. A diplomatic offer may be accepted or declined directly, or a counter-offer may be made. Breaking a diplomatic agreement can lead to a weaker attitude and less reliability – see below. Diplomatic relations are generally angry over time. While most diplomatic modifiers have a limit (for example. B bonus due to trade agreements that no longer improve, «territorial expansion» can increase indefinitely – especially for groups that are annexed by players. Keep in mind the clans that have occupied your rightful place as the main importer of goods. You will soon declare war on them, but not yet. Continue to produce merchant ships as quickly as possible. Fill the commercial positions you own and place stacks of boats next to those you don`t own. If you still have a ship near knots that don`t belong to you, the AI sometimes leaves the node, is driven out by pirates or even makes its stack disappear because the possessing clan is wiped out in a war. Don`t miss a chance to steal a recently released knot because you haven`t kept a boat around. You need access to these resources to build large-scale buildings (for example, you need stone to build the castle at the highest level) and you need it to increase your trade-based income.

Enemies can also sit on your trade routes and effectively block them from trading In a few twists, you`ll probably be a good amount of ships near one of the nodes you don`t own. If, in these few twists, the AI is still there – more likely than not – declare war. Attack their stack of ships – they tend to be small and can be defeated without combat ships, most of the time (you certainly checked before the declaration of war?) – occupy the knot as they flee before you – and seek peace again. A tribute is correct – most of the time 5000 will suffice, but if not, you feel free to increase it to 20,000 euros. Paying a small fee per train is the way to go here – this way, if the AI is a neighbor on the strategy card, or if they`re really crazy, if they declare war again, you`ll only have paid for the number of rides that peace lasted (the remaining payments are cancelled).