Documentation Requirements

To obtain free legal aid, the client have to demonstrate that they low income by presenting a recent tax certificate. Additionally, there is a requirement that they have to submit their final paycheck or payment slip from NAV.

Documentation can be gived to the attourney by taking a picture with your phone of the last equation and send it to your lawyer. One can also do this with the latest paycheck. If you have variable income you must submit the three latest paychecks.

If you are in a situation where you have lost an income, which is typical in relation to termination of employment, the dismissal can be attatched to the application. This way, you can document that you will in the future fall under the income threshold per year without that income.

When it comes to your wealth, it is the taxi-related wealth that matters in the relation to the rules regarding free legal aid. This means that wealth comprised of real estate countes only the taxi value of the property. The assessed value is normally very low, and rarely more than 1/3 of the value. Meanwhile, you get a deduction for the entire lean. Most people goes therefore in minus regarding tax-related wealth. When you go below minus, one will always just write zero wealth.

This means that most people have zero in wealth or assets, even if they own property.

Should you not own a home, but have money saved in the bank, one can say to the county officials that the money will go towards purchasing a property. It follows from the same practice that one cannot treat those who have already purchased a property different than those who are going to buy a property, in relation to the rules regarding free legal aid.

The same applies for those who have a small property and are considering purchasing a larger home. The money you have saved in bank or otherwise shall not be accounted for here, as that capital goes towards buying a bigger home.

This clear pracis is also followed by the county officials.

This all means that the capital requirement in pracis will rearely be a barrier to be able to obtain free legal aid.