Border Force Certified Agreement

4.20 The Committee recommends that the government urgently amend the wage reimbursement ban or provide for another mechanism, such as the payment of agreements allowing agencies to provide limited and adequate financial compensation to workers whose wages have been frozen over the past three years. While the rates of pay were different between public affairs agreements and legal advisors, the Commission was more related to the lower rates of pay proposed by the department, but it also identified many cases where the union and the department had the same starting point. These guidelines have eliminated our agency`s ability to effectively negotiate. They can say that they have little control over their position and that this is the best thing they can do in the course of the negotiating guidelines, and this offer has been strongly rejected by staff. The government does not need to negotiate because it can say that it is the responsibility of the agencies to settle their agreements. We`re stuck after three years of non-negotiation. As you know, we do not get the refund, so because it takes time, all the costs fall on the employees and we go backwards. We have had overlaps in the field of research, and it now appears that we are making these negotiating guidelines in disguise. [2] Registered contracts are valid until termination or redemption.

4.5 However, the prohibition on additional payment has had an insidious impact on the negotiation process, removing the incentive for agency heads to negotiate in good faith to reach an agreement. This point was highlighted by staff representatives of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), who stated that if a job has a registered agreement, the price does not apply. However, the fair work committee presented on Friday afternoon, after five years of tense labour negotiations, including strikes, a draft enterprise agreement for Interior Ministry staff. Customs and border guards have emergency systems in place to protect Australia`s borders and minimize the impact on business. One of the main challenges in developing the provision was to address differences in pay rates and conditions for department staff, some of which were covered by the more generous agreement for customs and border guards and another staff agreement that had been replaced by the department of immigration and citizenship at the time.