Apple Card Customer Agreement

If you buy something with Apple Card, you will receive a percentage of your purchase in The Daily Cash. It`s real money, so unlike rewards, it never decomposes itself or loses its value. Your money is deposited directly on your Apple Cash card in the Wallet app – not in a month, but every day. And there`s no limit to what you can get. Use it to buy things in stores, websites and apps. Pay with your Apple Card. Send a friend back to the news. Or send it directly to your bank account and watch it add. It seems to be the exclusive method to pay, that is: You cannot choose to receive a word in the mail and return a cheque; or go to a website to pay by ACH. It also seems to involve an ACH transfer option to Apple Wallet (in addition to the debit card option already available). I guess Apple Wallet will scan an empty check. [Editing] could be easier than that. I have bank amount information in Apple Wallet now to be able to transfer from Apple Pay Cash to the bank; Perhaps they will simply change that during deployment to allow the transfer of TO Apple Pay Cash via the same ACH information.

With a start-up of a few weeks or even days, Goldman Sachs has released the customer agreement for Apple Card, common APRs, usage restrictions and other details. The fact that my wife and I can`t use the same card account reduces its appeal to us. We will get it again because Apple, but it sucks, we will have two separate invoices and our expenses will not be merged into the analysis. I think that is the most important problem. We talked about having only one card. We could do that — we only have two now. But the main reason would be to consolidate all of Apple`s good analytics in one place. I hope Apple will do a good job and protect my data. But without this simplicity factor, we will choose to keep one of our existing maps (think plane travel) at least until Apple gives us the ability to link the two accounts. I`d call it well hidden. Go to An important point: to qualify for the card and keep it, cardholders must have «an Apple ID linked to an iCloud account that is in good condition with Apple» and enable two-factor authentication for that ID.

This is probably to avoid intruders or fraud, as iCloud accounts are already sometimes hacked to make purchases on the App Store or elsewhere. Apple takes your privacy and security seriously. It`s not just a philosophy, it`s integrated into all our products.